Lori Kozlowski is an editor, journalist, and author. As a journalist, she has written about various topics, ranging from graffiti to growing businesses, the evolution of blue jeans to the disintegration of blues songs. She has covered science, technology, the arts, music, entertainment, and books for several national publications.  

In 2014, she co-founded Smashd, a publication and media property that explored tech and culture.  Previously, she wrote a column for Forbes on startups, entrepreneurs, and technology. Prior to Forbes, Lori served as senior editor at the Los Angeles Times.

She enjoys exploring topics that combine disciplines -- art and technology or the merger of tech and media overall.  Her short stories have been published by Akashic Books, the University of Nevada Press, Trop, and other independent publishing houses.  See below for a list of selected works from her portfolio.

MUSIC, Books, Art, + Ideas

Working and Not Working: American Tradition, American Peril - (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Dealmatic: Nas in the Tech Game - An interview with the legendary rapper on his startup investments (Smashd)

'Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other'  - An interview with Sherry Turkle (Los Angeles Times)

Half the Sky: Wishing to Change the World for Women - (Ms. Magazine)

The Mark of Capone: Chicago Violence Now and Then - (Los Angeles Review of Books)

John Legend on the Evolution of Learning - An interview with the pop star about his work to reform education (Smashd)

The History of Unicorns and the Curious Case of One Gone Missing in NYC  - (Los Angeles Times)

Buzz Aldrin on His New Book, Space Exploration, and Rapping - (Los Angeles Times)

Creative Writing: Fiction + Essays

How Jellyfish Make Love - A short story about a forlorn jellyfish looking for love. (Fictionaut)

Hotel Stories: Milkshake, Caesars Palace - Memoir from Las Vegas, Nevada. (Trop)