Lori is the producer of a virtual reality film series called Project Empathy, which explores human rights issues in the United States. (The trailer for the series is below.)  The first VR films specifically explore the U.S. prison system and mass incarceration in America.

The team on Project Empathy includes: Jamie Wong, Van Jones, Wendy Calhoun, Alex Rivera, and Nonny de la Pena, and many others. Project Empathy was created in partnership with Google.

The VR project has been covered by Fusion, PC Magazine, Fast Company, TakePart, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, and others.

About the series, Fusion wrote: "By using virtual reality to create a scripted series that focuses on real-life issues, Project Empathy is much like a modern-day The Jungle, journalist Upton Sinclair’s groundbreaking 1906 novel exposing the unsanitary conditions of America’s meatpacking industry."

The VR films have been shown at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (July 2016) and premiered at The Atlantic's Race & Justice Summit in Los Angeles (September 2016).